I had the great opportunity to join the GEER M7.1 Mexico earthquake reconnaissance team to assess Mexico City and surrounding areas. A few photos of our trip are posted in the Gallery section. Be sure to download the preliminary and final reconnaissance reports from the GEER website (here). Thank you Prof. Juan Villa & Students from UNAM for hosting us and investigating the City and neighboring regions with us. Despite the destruction and damage it was amazing to witness the  resilient spirit of the locals, the sense of community and belonging, and the help and support network. Joyful hearts (especially among the kids) in spite of the disaster. Interesting engineering observations, particularly relating to site effects and the effect on structure and infrastructure damage can be found in the report. It was fun to use the UAVs to explore less accessible areas – and seeing the Mexican kids full of fascination about the “flying machines”, as they put it. It was wonderful to make new friends and work alongside long time friends.